Construction for the healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities

We design and build GMP compliant facilities, retrofits, and additions

  • Labs & Clean Rooms

    Labs & Clean Rooms

  • Temperature Controlled Spaces

    Temperature Controlled Spaces

  • Vaults & Special Purpose Rooms

    Vaults & Special Purpose Rooms

  • Manufacturing


What do you value in your facility?

Quality Control & Assurance, Regulatory Compliance, Security

Build an efficient facility

Within your facility, the flow of product/people, air quality, cleanability, temperature and atmospheric control, and security will impact your operations success. These factors define the design and layout of your facility. It’s vital to plan and build it right the first time.

Finding people who will provide a design build service based on the understanding that only select materials, proper equipment, and redundant systems are paramount to a high value facility, is key.



Choosing the right team

A team that will design your facility to meet the applicable health/drug regulatory requirements and security needs to mitigate compliance issues and streamline approval processes.

Bringing that team on board to build your facility on time, budget, and scope that meets all the construction regulatory requirements will ensure the value you are looking for is delivered.

We call delivering that service “Building Great Things”.

We don’t just meet standards - we exceed them

Your facility will conform to all local codes and safety standards

  • Building codes
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Fire codes
  • Electrical safety authority
  • Technical standards and safety authority
  • Local building by-laws
  • Own corporate standards
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Good Distribution Practices
  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration)
  • Health Canada
  • OCE (Offices of Controlled Substances
Brian Rosabal

Hi, I'm Brian Rosabal, a design build manager for Coldbox Builders.

Hi, I'm Brian Rosabal

As a design build specialist of pharmaceutical and healthcare construction, I’d love to show you how Coldbox can help you design and build your upcoming project.

Give me a call at 289-337-3966 x321

How can you mitigate inherent construction risks?

Through contract selection and qualifying your builder

How can issues arise?

Risks are inherent to construction and ultimately impacts cost and schedule. Different contracts and delivery methodology can allocate and manage the risks, allowing you to choose the right option for your company and project.

As a service, risks in construction can be managed and allocated differently depending on the contract you select. Your company can choose the best contract for your needs.

Your company can take on as much or as little risk as you feel comfortable.

Risks to allocate

  • Market conditions
  • Sub trade and vendor solvency
  • Site Specific Constrains/Conditions
  • Responsibility for errors and omissions
  • Weather Impacts
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Communication between builders and trades
  • Weather Impacts
  • Time constraints
  • Site management


Quality Assurance
  • Vendor qualification
  • Builder’s process
  • Quality of construction
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Responsibility for errors and omissions
  • Experience of the project team
  • Completeness of the design
  • Operational performance of the facility
  • Health and Safety programming and implementation

Let's discuss your healthcare or pharmaceutical construction project

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