Thinking about starting a food processing,

pharmaceutical or cold storage construction project.

These projects are all government regulated with very specific criteria for design and performance. These government regulated projects are more complex than traditional builds and require special knowledge and expertise.

The key to a successful

outcome for this type of construction project relies on thorough frontend due diligence and weighing your needs against the extensive specialized knowledge that this type of project demands. The team at Coldbox builders can help minimize the guesswork and unknowns as we are experts in these industries.

Why take risks

with a general builder or managing the project yourself when Coldbox builders has the specialized industry experience and knowledge to get the job completed on time, on budget and without surprises.

As food plant, pharmaceutical and cold storage building specialists

we already know the unique requirements your project will have – the building permits, the CFIA/OMAFRA/DFO/USDA/FSIS/FDA/Health Canada regulatory approvals, commissioning, engineering dilemmas – which means you can avoid the costly delays that often catch general builders off guard because they lack the specialized knowledge and experience.

Regardless of your needs

our services are designed to provide you with a complete end-to end solution that includes feasibility study, concept plans, design, construction and validation, all tied together with a fierce focus on tight project management or assistance with individual aspects of you project.

As a first step, why not download our free guide, How to Avoid 3 Common and Costly Mistakes on Your Next Food Processing Plant or Cold Storage Facility Project

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Association Memberships

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"How to Avoid 3 Common and Costly Mistakes on Your Next Food Processing Plant or Cold Storage Facility Project".

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